Atlanta Awareness Center - We have a solution!

Atlanta Awareness Center - We have a solution!

1373 Old Virginia Court, SE
Marietta, GA 30067-8461

The Atlanta Awareness Center Director is Patricia Zerman, MS, LPC. Pat founded the Center in 1988 - offering counseling services and a complete curriculum for personal and spiritual growth.

Ready for a new way of life?
Today's world is packed with confused and hurting people. Depression tops the list of mental health issues. People desperate to find their lifes' purpose seek contentment, happiness and successful relationships but fear there is no relief in sight... no real answers.

The Atlanta Awareness Center has a solution!

Through interactive counseling and Self-Awareness classes focused on meaningful communications, the obstacles of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt or any number of emotions that cloud life are removed. Independence and individual freedom are finally a reality... Self-love an actuality.

Go to our website to read some of the letters Seventy-Five People Took the Time to Write Letters to Oprah by clicking on the "Oraph" or "Feedback" tab to read some of the inspiring proven results individuals have experienced at the Atlanta Awareness Center.

Included below are excerpts from four letters of seventy-five sent to Oprah! You can read the entire letters by just clicking in the panel to print them out.

Pat Zerman's has written a book entitled "Help! - Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Stay Miserable (Or Change)". Order your copy on Main Website: [url removed]

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